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Sustainability Assessment of the
Product Life Cycle

Development of studies and solutions that involve the Environmental, social, and economic Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of production systems, focusing on the Circular Economy.


Keywords: Product Lifecycle Management; Life Cycle Management; Life Cycle Assessment; Life Cycle Engineering; Circular Economy.


Circular bioeconomy

Development, characterization, and use of eco-materials (focusing on the class of composite materials of renewable origin), biomass, and Bioenergy, with a low environmental footprint.

Keywords: Composites; Materials Processing; Product Development; Development of New Materials; Eco-design; Plant Biomass, Energy, Bioenergy, Food. 


Sustainable Production Planning, Management, and Control

Develop solutions that integrate sustainability into production planning, management, and control processes in production systems.


Keywords: Production Planning and Control (PCP); Sustainable Production; Sustainable Production Systems. 

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